S2/S3 Allround Spinnaker

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This sail is designed to be the work horse of any inventory and covers a large range. It has fuller girths and broader shoulders, allowing it to lift and fly away from the boat. The top 10% of the sail being flatter allows the spinnaker to set away from the rig before the body of the sail curves down. The result is a sail that flies out to windward, away from the disturbed air of the mainsail and rig, in clear air flow.

115 – 170 AWA.  /  6 – 20 AWS

S2 SPINNAKER Standards

  • Hochwertige Spinnakertuch von Contender Sailcloth, DP oder Bainbridge
  • TRT Schnitt
  • Geklebt und genäht
  • Individuelle Farbauswahl
  • Trimmbeschreibung
  • Segeltrag3tasche


Mögliche Zusatzaustattung

  • Segeldruck
  • ÖSV oder ORC Vermessung
  • Segelnummer


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